Famed writer/director John Ridley travels to the border towns of Calexico and Mexicali, where the continent's most polluted river is wreaking havoc not only in Mexico and California, but throughout North America.

Years ago, Paul Karason started using colloidal silver remedies to cure various ailments, little knowing that his entire body would turn blue - permanently. 

Wim Hof is a Dutchman with a very specific  - and very unique - talent: He can withstand long periods of intense cold, and survive in temperatures that would freeze the rest of us mere mortals. How does he do it? Juju Chang travels with Wim Hof to a hypothermia lab in Minnesota to solve this medical mystery. 

For centuries, people have returned from near-death experiences with fantastical tales of tunnels, bright lights, meetings with dead relatives, and with divine beings. Diane Sawyer's investigation blends spiritualism with hard science to uncover the mysteries of the near-death experience. Winner of several major national awards.