TRUTH AND POWER  (2015-2016)

A new series for Pivot TV about ordinary people who go to extraordinary lengths to expose large-scale injustices. I produced three out of the ten episodes of the premier season.




A documentary chronicling the work being done by dozens of public, private and non-profit organizations to restore and protect the Delaware River Watershed.


Producer - Bloomberg Television

Game Changers    (2012-2013)

Wrote and produced an hour-long special on Warren Buffett for the Bloomberg TV series Game Changers. This episode won the 2013 LA Press Club award for Best Profile. Wrote and produced a profile of Jamie Dimon & JP Morgan Chase.


Senior Producer - GRB Entertainment  

Aftermath with William Shatner  (2010-2011)

A&E Bio's highest profile series; a unique hybrid of studio interview, documentary, and dramatic re-creation. Subjects included subway vigilante Bernie Goetz, Pvt. Jessica Lynch, the Mayflower Madam, the Unabomber, and Daniel Ellsberg.


Producer - Media Verite (Canada) / Dream One Films (Japan)

World Without War   (2010)

A feature documentary about what it takes to wage peace, directed by Academy Award-winning Malcolm Clarke, and sponsored by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Featured interviews include Elie Wiesel, Mary Robinson, F.W. deKlerk, Henry Kissinger, Yoko Ono.


Producer - KCET/PBS

SoCal Connected  (2008-2010)

Writer/producer for the multi-award-winning series "SoCal Connected" - the most acclaimed local PBS show in history. I produced segments that featured Lisa McRee, Judy Muller, and director/screenwriter John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave").


Writer/Producer - ABC News Magazines


Produced stories for Medical Mysteries, 20/20 Downtown, Dr. Nancy Snyderman specials, and other ABC magazine shows.


Producer - ABC News Productions


Wrote and produced hour-long documentaries for the History Channel, TLC, A+E, Court TV, and others. Highlights include: The Dilley Sextuplets Turn 12Tragedy in Amish Country and The Heaven's Gate Suicides.


Producer - PBS 

Wired Science  (2007)

Produced segments for the weekly science show that was a collaboration between Public Broadcasting and Wired magazine. Hosted by Chris Hardwick.


Producer - PBS

California at War   (2007)

A companion documentary to the Ken Burns series "The War."


Producer - PBS

California Connected  (2002-2007)

A public affairs newsmagazine co-produced by all the PBS stations statewide. A pioneer in online cross-programming, and winner of countless broadcasting awards. Hosted by David Brancaccio and Lisa McRee.


Producer - truTV/Court TV

Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee  (2004-05)

A true-crime series chronicling the groundbreaking forensic detective work of Dr. Henry Lee.


Producer - Channel One News


Segments included a story on Hollywood's homeless street kids, the blacklist and Elia Kazan, and a profile of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - which included an unprecedented extended interview with Chavez.


Writer/Producer - PBS

Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, with Bill Moyers  (2001-02)

An epic historical series, chronicling the 150 year saga of Chinese immigration in America.  IDA, WGA and Emmy award nominee.


Producer - NBC News

Father's Day - The Greatest Generation Part 2, with Tom Brokaw  (2000-01)

A Dateline NBC Special, and the second hour of one of the most acclaimed documentaries of modern times.


Producer - ABC News 20/20


Highlights include The Six-Pack Turns Six, with Diane Sawyer, Hiding in Hollywood, with Joel Siegel, and That Voice - Barry White, with Juju Chang.


Producer - Kushner-Locke Company

Criminal Confessions  (1999)

A primetime, true-crime pilot for CBS.


Producer - Fox Network News

Fox Files  (1998)

The pre-FNC Fox network news magazine show, featuring Chris Cuomo, and executive produced by Roger Ailes.


Writer - Writers Guild of America

Hollywood Remembers the Blacklist  (1997)

A live, multi-media event co-produced by WGA, DGA, SAG and AFTRA, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the blacklist, and starring Kevin Spacey, Billy Crystal, Alfre Woodard, John Lithgow, and many others. Presented at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences theater.


Producer/Writer - Buena Vista Television

Vital Signs  (1997)

A medical reality series combining documentary and re-enactments. Broadcast on the ABC network.


Producer/Writer - ABC News Turning Point


ABC's acclaimed documentary series. Highlights include the multiple award-winning Life After Death, with Diane Sawyer and Paparazzi: Shooting Stars, with Robert Krulwich.


Writer - PBS / BBC

The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century      (1995-96)

A ten-part series, co-produced by PBS, the BBC, and the Imperial War Museum. Winner of the Columbia-DuPont Silver Baton, the IDA Award, and many other awards.


Writer/Producer - PBS/Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Power in the Pacific  (1991)

A four-part series co-produced by the ABC (Australia) and PBS, and filmed across North America, East Asia, and the South Pacific.

Secret Intelligence  (1990)

A four-part series chronicling the turbulent and controversial history of America's spy agencies.  Both of the above programs won the Writers Guild of America award for best documentary.


Producer/Director - HBO

America Undercover  (1987)

Surveillance: No Place to Hide 





Winner of the Writers Guild of America Award for Secret Intelligence and Power in the Pacific.

Five CINE Golden Eagle Awards

Two Houston International Film Festival Awards

Two Peabody Awards

Columbia - DuPont Award

International Documentary Association Award (IDA)

Multiple Emmy Awards (National and Local)

Two-time winner of the Village Voice World's Hardest Movie Trivia Quiz

Graduate:  State University of New York at Binghamton (Harpur College) and the Bronx High School of Science.